Today, we live in a modernized world that is without a doubt over worked and sleep deprived. All too often we are reaching for an extra cup of coffee or energy drink for that extra jolt to get us through the rest of our day, all while feeding our bodies with harmful “Frankenstein foods”. And, the repercussions are leaving us even more exhausted after; both physically and mentally.

These repetitive and demanding schedules of ours can leave us with a drain on our brain as we feel a stronger magnetic attraction to the couch for more naps. Losing our cognitive edge with each aging year that passes on our bodies doesn’t have to be accepted.

Like working out muscles that have been dormant for a long time and waking them up to get stronger again, we can do the same with our brains. Also, like introducing supplements to help accelerate muscle gains and performance, we can explore and consider nootropics, brain food supplements and “smart drugs” to do similar for our brain’s cognitive function and abilities.

Lifestyle, food choices and supplementation can all have an impact on a man’s performance and ability to be alert, make smart & quick decisions, and be on top of his game each day. This section will help give some insight on helping to best enhance a man’s mental capacities for optimized focus and cognitive abilities to super charge his performance and excel in life the way we are meant to.