Many men have solid intentions of shedding those unwanted spare tires around their midsections. Some more advanced men are at a plateau and can’t seem to figure out how to break through it to bring out the six pack they know is hiding under those last few layers of fat.

Feeling confident and good about taking our shirt off at the beach or in the bedroom can mean a lot to us men, in many ways. Having an appealing physique is a sure confidence booster and, healthy for our well-being.

But for the men who struggle to find the right insight, education and suitable approaches to shedding that extra blubber are often left confused and frustrated. Advice comes a dime a dozen, but one shoe definitely does not fit all when it comes to fat loss.

Determining if you’re an ectomorph, endomorph or mesomorph in addition to your age, gender, history with food & working out and even maybe considering your blood type, can all play a roll into concluding what is YOUR best approach to look YOUR fittest.

In this section, much will be covered on the different topics of fat loss and striving to look our best as men.