Put your nose in front of a television, social or internet media outlet sources and you are bound to come across several different headlines pertaining to nutrition and the right and wrong ways to eat, most in the name of selling you something. Promises of fat loss, ridding disease and then the opposite with tempting advertisements of irresistible foods that get your taste buds going crazy and your mouth watering.

Most of us men have heard of the paleo, zone, ketogenic, carb cycling and much more while searching in effort to find out what is most suitable to us when trying to look and feel our best. Many of us have tried one or four of these different diets as well.

But what is the best? What doesn’t work? The truth is, every shoe doesn’t fit every person. Depending on age, endocrine function and picture, lifestyle factors, body type and more, all help to determine what the best approach may be for each individual man in his quest to achieve his goals of looking and feeling his best.

This section will cover all of this and more with food and its correlation with other aspects of the health and Masculine Wellness pictures for each us individualized men.