Greetings Gentlemen. The goal of this section titled “testosterone and hormones”, is to “open up the hood” and learn what is underneath, learn the basics of how hormones are intertwined with one another, how they contribute to how we look & feel and their role in our wellness as men.

Fellas, do you suspect:

  • Andropause, aka “Low T” is affecting your quality of life?
  • Feelings of sluggishness, weak and run down each day?
  • Sex drive lagging or non-existent?
  • Lack of cognitive/brain function got you struggling to “stay awake”?
  • Gaining more fat that you’re struggling to get rid of?

Like strategically placed and hidden bands, bolts and rods placed underneath a car that are essential for it to run properly and not break down, hormones are big time players in how we look, feel and perform each day. Although they may not be as easy to acknowledge as some other components of health and wellness, we can’t be our best without them being optimized and in sync with one another.

Utilizing analogies and simple laymen’s terms to help us understand, apply and prosper in optimizing our hormones is the goal of Masculine Wellness for men. Among the array of facets under the topic of testosterone & hormones, this section will assist you in assuring this part of your Masculine Wellness picture is addressed effectively and, correctly.