Welcome to what you should expect to be a lot of great insight behind the fitness and wellness industry’s showcase curtains. This information is for those seeking professional input on fitness, hormones, nutritional supplements and insights on food – all pertaining to men in order to help maximize their Masculine Wellness along their journey to look & feel their best.

My name is Roger Bowman and I started this project with a sincere desire to help as many men be the best versions of themselves by sharing nearly 20 years of experience working day to day in the industry learning, practicing and applying all my acquired knowledge to keep myself and my clients, looking & feeling our best ever.

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With the daily bombarding of new health information flashing in our face in today’s internet and media world, it can be easy to get discouraged and feel like it is an uphill battle trying to learn the truth and proper way to look & feel our best. We are told in order to do so, we have to do “this” and must avoid “that” and the next day you hear totally different and conflicting information.

Confused with Hormones, Nutrition, Training or Supplements? 

What is right? What is wrong? Who do you believe and what should you really worry about and, what should you not? The questions and confusion can be very frustrating to the average man.

Product ReviewsMasculine Wellness will dive into the often misunderstood area of hormones, steroids and the many myths associated with them along with the good and bad while providing insightful information men need and deserve.

There is in fact, a war against men and masculinity today. You are either a victim without knowing it or, you’re aware of it and here to get educated to come out a victor in that battle.

And, what about all these different workout programs and approaches to fitness including cross-fit, P90x, Insanity and much more? Are these the way to go? Should you just do a lot of cardio? Or, should you hire a personal trainer and if you do, how do you know what to look for in one?

Also, what is the best way for YOU to eat and… for YOUR body type, goals and obstacles you are trying to overcome? Ketogenic, carb cycling, zone, paleo and many other diets and ways of eating are suitable to many, but not everyone. Masculine Wellness is here to help you make sense out of all this and help you clearly see what is suitable for you while being explained in simple laymen’s terms and, why.

Ahh, the confusion can add up for the unknowing newbie interested in becoming a better, healthier and happier man.

The Goal of Masculine Wellness

The goal with Masculine Wellness here is to break things down in a simple to understand and rational way to help us learn how to look & feel our best without over complicating things.

light-bulb-Get Plugged into ActionWe are going to break down some myths and deliver a lot of truths to you that only select educated men truly understand, but often keep to themselves often due to stigmas attached to mainstream media information and propaganda.

Gentlemen, lets get plugged in and amped up. With the help of this page, you can be well on your way to learning, implementing and achieving your optimum Masculine Wellness status!

Cheers to you fellas,

Roger Bowman