4 Foods Preventing You from Dropping Fat

Like most people, I have always understood the basics of “right and wrong” when it came to nutrition and staying fit and healthy. In other words, I always knew that soda and fast food were not my best choices while fruits and vegetables were healthier options for me. This to me, was black and white as I think it is for most of us. However, it is the grey area in between that many of us don’t understand that keeps us from really progressing and looking our sharpest with our best physiques & bodies ever.

In this article, we are going to cover the top 4 foods that the majority of Americans over consume. Foods that we often think are good for us, but actually slow us down from being the healthiest and fittest versions of ourselves. If being the most efficient at cutting fat and looking your best naked is at the top of your list of goals over the next 6-12 months, there are a few things in this article to take note of and eliminate out of your diet plan if it is in there and in abundance.

Although the following foods are looked upon as healthy by most, and some do provide a little benefit, they are not going to support your fat loss efforts and will most likely hinder them and your health if consumed in excess on a regular basis. So, let’s get into them…

#1 Food to Get Rid of: Dairy Milk

Milk-Sugar-12.2.17Dairy milk does in fact have a good amount of protein and the USDA’s recommendations are since milk is a prime source for three important nutrients: Calcium, potassium and vitamin D (which is added to fortified milk.) What the big money-making powers that be will not tell you is that you can easily get these same nutrients from coconut or almond milk without the excessive amount of sugar and so many other unwanted and needed things that come along with dairy milk. A little 8-ounce glass of dairy milk yields a big dose of 11 grams of sugar. And, most people consume 16+ ounces. This adds up, quick. Look for unsweetened coconut or almond milk without carrageenan or added sugars in them.

Cows are given growth hormone and antibiotics to mass produce profitable food items such as milk and beef. Unless it’s organic, you are getting these passed on to you when you drink dairy along with a lot of the sugar and lactose. Milk is intended to support a baby calf growing into a 1,600-pound cow, questionable for us humans? Think about that for a second… Long story short, we have better options that are much healthier for us, our planet and our waistline!

#2 Food to Get Rid of: “Smart” or “Lean” Frozen (Processed) Meals

I used to be guilty of this back in the day. Convenience and the false thought that I was consuming something healthy fooled me for years and I would eat 1 or 2 of these frozen entrees a day. What I didn’t realize it that they were loaded with starchy carbs and even worse most contained hydrogenated oils, hidden MSG’s, phosphates, sulphates, artificial flavors and sweeteners, food colorings and more.

This could easily be more on the part of your health than your waistline, but either way it may be smart of you to look away from these and prep your own clean and fresh foods, put them in portable bowls and have them as your meals and “to go” options.

#3 Food to Get Rid of: Yogurt

With VERY little exception to just a couple lower sugar/higher fiber yogurts (even then with question), these should not be included in your fat loss diet plan. These are extremely overloaded with sugar. Some people, like I used to, will argue that they are a good source of protein and probiotics (“good” bacteria). Although there is protein, you will often get 2-3x the amount of that in sugar and that is just not a good trade-off.

As for the probiotic content, it is minimal and pales in comparison to most-good quality probiotic supplements that you can buy that don’t have any sugar and provide multiple times the digestive system and health benefits. In a nutshell, yogurt really isn’t all that most think it is cracked up to be. If you eat this on the regular thinking it is good for you, kick it to the curb if you want to bring out the leanest and healthiest version of you.

A great alternate option I’ve found to be great in place of yogurt is the following:

  1. Some ice, a little bit of fresh blueberries, natural vanilla protein powder and a splash of unsweetened coconut milk and stevia blended up in a food processor.
  2. Once blended up, crack open a capsule of high quality and dosed probiotic capsule in and give it a little 2 second stir! You can also simply pull open a capsule and spread on some oatmeal and many other favorite dishes just as easily.
  3. What results after is a great treat that tastes similar and packs a better punch.

Here is a great choice for a high quality probiotic: Probiotics to consider

#4 Food to Get Rid of: Fruit Juices or “Healthy Green” Drinks

Green Drinks-No Fat Loss-12.2.17Countless amounts of client’s food journals have lots of these gems being consumed every day, sometimes a few of them, from those struggling with fat loss. I understand this one though because they fit into what us Americans love; convenient, cheap and they taste great! Oh, and we are fooled into thinking they are beneficial for us which couldn’t be further from the truth with their insane amounts of sugar.

If you like drinking your calories, look to blend up whole fruits, fresh greens and vegetables with water, ice and maybe some natural protein powder. When you consume the whole fruit or vegetable, you get more nutrients and fiber content from them. This along with much less sugar based on volume you drink, makes this the more ideal choice for your fat loss efforts and health.

Pay Attention to The Details

Although there are little exceptions to these foods for some people, most of us might want to consider dumping and replacing them in place of better, more-healthier options to consume and support us in our efforts to be fit, lean and energized in the best way possible. If it lives in its natural environment in the wilderness or swims in the ocean, grows out of the ground or from trees, then it is probably good for you. If it doesn’t, then you may want to think twice and ask if it is supporting your goals or holding you back from achieving them.

Best regards,

Roger Bowman

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